If you search for musical excellence and artistic impressions at the European levels, consider visiting the Pomeranian philharmonics.

Kashubian Philharmonic Hall - Wejherowo Cultural Center


Ul. Sobieskiego 255

84-200 Wejherowo

Contact details:

Tel. 58 672 27 75

Wejherowo Cultural Centre (WCC) is located in a stately and modern building of Kashubian Philharmonic Hall. The new center allows you to pursue cultural and leisure activities at the highest level.

At the multifunctional building with an area of 6.5 thousand. sq m. there are two basic modules. The first modern hall offers space for 376 people concerts, cinema, theater, and the auditorium and a small cinema hall for 38 seats, exhibition gallery, conference room, a coffee shop. The second module is a cultural center with a rich program for children and adolescents: choir rehearsal hall, theater, music, recording studio, art studios.

Through a longstanding activity the WCC has become a leading institution in the field of promotion of culture. It organizes a number of cyclic events, enriching at the same time a cultural - artistic offer of the city such as: Spring Meetings with the Theatre, Music Summer in Wejherowo, Saint James Day - Festival of the City, The Passion of Christ.

Additionally the WCC engages in the implementation of various projects with partners from home and abroad including, for example: workshops of film animation, percussion workshops, seminars for music conductors, workshops for cinematographers.

Ticket office: tel. 795-453-133, through the website or directly at the box office WCC.

Ticket offices are open from Tuesday to Friday 10.30 - 21.00; Mondays ticket offices are open an hour before the event.