Manor houses and palaces stand in the picturesque corners of Pomerania, by the seacoast, near lakes, on rivers, and in forests.

The “Six Oaks” Manor in Prusewo

Prusewo is a place with unique charm, where the beautiful, historical manor is surrounded by over two hectares of an old-growth park.

It is home to such specimens as six 250-year-old oaks, an enormous red beech, colourful maples, aromatic lindens and ashes, as well as extremely rare pyramid oaks. During the summer, the green tracts of the park are crossed with rose alleys and flower compositions. This is completed with the songs of the birds inhabiting the local trees.

The interior of the manor has been adapted to the purposes of a hotel, restaurant, conference hall and a salon with a sunny veranda. The storey has a terrace for more intimate meetings.

Foto: Dep. Turystyki UMWP, Dwór Sześć Dębów