Pomerania prides itself on exceptionally well-developed lodging network, so it is not difficult to find an affordable lodging in every subregion. As Pomerania is full of attractions, just pick the right place and from it you will be able to see the majority of the subregion.


The "U Stolema" boarding house in Ostrzyce

Osada Swory

"The Wuthering Heights" (“Wichrowe Wzgórza”) in Chmielno - The Kashubian Health Haven

The ”SALAMANDRA” Rehabilitation and Spa

The "Lakeside" in Brodnica Dolna

The Bursztyn facility

"Dworek na Błotach"(“The Mansion on the Marhes”) in Załakowo

The Staging Area in Hejtus near Pomieczyno, Kashubia

Ośrodek "Leśny Dwór" w Sulęczynie

Villa Tamara