Amber polishing workshop in Swierzno

The polishing workshop belongs to Mr. Erwin Witrambowski who moved to Swierzna 20 years ago from Gdynia. He bought a dilapidated historical house of the pastor, in which after the restoration, he opened a small amber factory. Over the years he has gained a reputation not only in Poland but also in the world. Amber products of Mr. Erwin are bought in Germany, USA, and Japan. His jewelry is significantly different from the well-known, as it is framed in African wood. With this combination the products are small works of decorative art.

Amber workshop is available for visitors who can watch the process of polishing and buy amber jewelry. For the tour you can make an appointment by phone.

Near the amber workshop there is also a beautifully restored 19th century farmhouse, and a small collection of agricultural tools. Not to far from Mr. Erwin workshop is a charming church of 1710 with a preserved historic interior: the main altar and the pulpit.



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