The “Blue Lamb” Granary

The alley of the Hanseatic Street from the 14th and 15th Centuries was recreated with help from archaeological, iconographic and historical sources. The craft stalls and workshops are occupied by mannequins dressed in medieval apparel. The heads of all mannequins were created on the basis of original skulls of the inhabitants of Gdańsk, discovered during studies of the medieval cemetery. The epochal atmosphere is made by the smells and sounds of the life and work of the residents of that time. This is complemented by an exhibition, which presents a modern view of the newest discoveries from the Gdańsk research.

The “Blue Lion” Centre of Archaeological Education maintains educational activity. We teach children and young people about the medieval city, the past lives of the Gdańsk residents and the work of the archaeologists, by organising museum classes prepared for various age groups – from preschoolers to 6th grade. The students can learn about our exhibitions during classic guided tours. We want the Centre of Archaeological Education to be a place, which is friendly and attractive to families, so we hold special family-oriented workshops for them on Saturdays, and various activities during the winter and summer holidays. The “Blue Lamb” granary hosts historical fests and artistic contests.

The building of the Museum is adapted to the needs of both the physically disabled (lift, bathroom for the handicapped), and the deaf and blind (audiovisual aids). The exhibitions are mostly interactive, allowing the visitors to touch the exhibits, measure the attires and participate in archaeological mini-excavations. We also offer multimedia aids (videos, computer presentations).

The sounds and scents on the reconstructed street of medieval Gdańsk allow full experience of the sense of time travel. The groups of disabled people can enjoy our activities adapted to their individual needs.

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