Lotos Gdynia

Lotos Gdynia is the heir of Spójnia Gdańsk, founded in 1946. At the beginning of the 1990’s the club moved to Gdynia where during the next few years it changed its name. In 1996, under the name Warta S.A., the players won the first gold medal of the Polish championship in the history of the club. The following years saw the complete domination of the female basketball players in yellow and blue kit. The achievements grew to 11 Polish championships and many other medals, while the biggest achievements were twice being runners-up in the Euroleague. The team has been performing under the current name since 2001, and since 2008 Lotos Gdynia has played its matches in the Gdynia Sports Arena.

The most important dates:

• 1946 – the founding of Spójnia Gdańsk

• 1992 – relocation of Spójnia to Gdynia

• 1996 – the first Polish championship

• 2002 – the biggest success of the team, runner-up in the Euroleague

• 2008 – relocation to the new “Gdynia” indoor arena




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