Czerwone Gitary, one of Polish bands from Gdańsk, once sang “the twitter of birds, the roar of the sea, the golden beach amidst many a tree – all this in summer days…” For the majority of us the word “holidays” evokes fixed associations with the beach, the sea, and sunbathing. Pomeranian beaches attract visitors not only in the high tourist season but also for the remainder of the year. Romantic strolls and air filled with beneficial iodine are there for you on the multitude of beaches in our region, characterised by great diversity.


Błądzikowo beach

Plaża w Poddąbiu

The beach in Sopot

Hel beach

Białogóra beach

Ostrowo beach

Lubiatowo beach

Karwieńskie Błota beach

Karwia beach

Plaża Gdynia Oksywie

Chałupy beach

Puck beach

Chłapowo beach

Cetniewo beach

Jurata beach

Gdynia Redłowo beach

Gdynia Babie Doły beach

Gdynia Orłowo beach

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