Water, fishing boats, fishnets, fish – these are inherent elements of every Kashubian’s life. For many of them, the maritime tradition is their whole life. It is reflected in the fishnets hanging over the fishermen’s houses, a boatbuilding   tradition that is still alive, and constant contact with the vast waters. Northern Kashubia is the land of the true sea people.

Hel Peninsula

Hel Peninsula

    “The Cow’s Tail, Europe’s pedestrian pier and Hel’s Scythe, these are only a few of the expressions used for the 34-km-long sandy stretch of land – the Hel Peninsula.

It is a wonderful and magic place, the width of which is sometimes only 250 metres, and it constitutes one of the biggest tourist attractions in Pomerania. For many years, this prestigious place was visited by large numbers of tourists who wished to relax on the wide, sunny and sandy beaches that surround the peninsula on three sides.

Enthusiasts of water sports, and also windsurfing and kitesurfing, feel in the Bay of Puck like in paradise, while the sunbathing and sea-wave enthusiasts will relax and find happiness on the Baltic Sea beaches.

Such conditions, however, were not always characteristic of Hel. Even the 17th Century maps depict islands separated by six channels. The creation of this phenomenon was the result of the strongest of natural elements... water. About 8000 years before, strong sea currents running along the shore line began to transport the material from the bottom of the sea, creating the peninsula.

Hel's Scythe is not only a magical monument of sand, but also a unique protected flora, covering the sandy dunes in the neighbourhood of Jurata, dense pine forests, cane and rushes covering the coastal line near Chałupy.

Hel Peninsula boasts beautiful nature and landscapes of the Bay of Puck and the Bay of Gdańsk, Kashubian culture, the tradition of sailors and all the "sea people", whose main occupation was fishing and contemporary history, up to the Second World War. On this tiny piece of land, we can learn about what the life of a fisherman was like, and see the construction of pomerankas, and boatbuilding. History buffs can find here Polish and German military equipment used during the Coastal Defence in 1939 and war shelters of the Jastarnia Centre of Resistance . The youngest tourists will be entertained by Agatka, Ewa, Ania and Unda-Marina, the grey seals inhabiting the Hel seal aquarium. They eagerly show the visitors their tricks and whimsies, and their guardians like to explain the seals' origins and life on Hel. These are only a few of the attractions of the Hel Peninsula, and there is no better way to learn more about this mysterious and picturesque place than to visit it and see it with your own eyes.