Synagogues, Orthodox churches, mosques, houses of prayer are evidence of Pomerania’s religious tolerance and cultural diversity.

The Old Synagogue in Kwidzyn

This temple was erected during the years 1831 - 1833 on land purchased by the Jewish community near the Grudziądz Gate. It was taken from the Jews during the nineteen thirties and reconstructed.

After 1945, it was used as a soda and draft beer bottling plant; it was once again reconstructed for this purpose (the addition of another ceiling, reconstruction of the interior). The preserved archive photograph of a section of the temple shows the characteristic elevation detail in the forms of cornices and stucco decorations with characteristic Jewish themes. It is built with full ceramic bricks with a mixed theme - initially plastered, the window and former door arches are accented with a vertical brick arrangement, and it has a single storey with a utilisable attic. It is crowned with a jerkin head roof with a ceramic coat (Dutch on planks), and the roof truss is built with rafters and collar beams. The building has a basement. It was built on a rectangular plane with dimensions of 14 x 11.5 m. The longitudinal (east and west) walls are reinforced with supports reaching the cornice under the eaves, and at the south peak the axis hosts a flat break reaching the eaves. At present, the facade is significantly altered - the plaster and decorations have been removed, the entrances in the peaks are bricked in, the window openings are partially bricked in, and new rectangular windows provide additional lighting to the attic. The building is currently unused and under the threat of collapse.