The Gothic castles of the Teutonic Order are an inseparable element of the Pomeranian landscape. The former Capital of the Order in Malbork is also located here. The enormous castle is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The ruins of the Teutonic Castle in Zamek Kiszewski

Originally, the location was probably hosting the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, which was substituted with a Teutonic castle in 1316.

At first, the castle was made up of the castle proper and the borough. This residential and defensive complex was surrounded by the Wierzyca and marshy grasslands. In 1454 the castle was destroyed by the armies of Gdańsk, and again in 1655 when it was taken over by the Swedes. The surviving remnants of the 14th Century Castle Complex are its defensive walls with Teutonic donjons and a gatehouse. At the foot of the castle there is also a Neoclassical manor house, which dates back to 1856. At present, it is in private hands but is open for visitors.