The fishing harbours of Pomerania’s seaside towns  have already become ingrained in its landscape. Today, aside from continuing to fulfil their original functions, they are a true tourist attraction, drawing legions of tourists who want to experience their singular fishing atmosphere. The harbours enchant the visitor with their ambience, and the colourful fishing boats, combined with the nets left to dry out here, exude a fairy-tale aura. Such picturesque sights are not uncommon by our sea – it’s enough to pay a visit to a Kashubian village to feel and see them with your own eyes.

The Port of Ustka

The beginning of Ustka was a port founded by the city of Slupsk at the mouth of Slupia river to the Baltic Sea.

The dependence of the town and the port from Slupsk was abolished until the mid-19th century. A fishing village developed in the Middle Ages around the harbor. Some ships entering Ustka port were unloaded at the local harbor, while others were sent via Slupia to Slupsk. Ships heading for European ports were loaded with main export commodities of the Middle Pomerania - fur, fish, tar and coopers' products. In the years 1356-1476 the port of Ustka maintained trade contacts with Darlowo, Kolobrzeg, Szczecin, Lübeck, Gdansk and Elblag. The functioning of the medieval port of Ustka ended the Thirty Years War and sanding the mouth of the Slupia caused by powerful storms in the mid-17th century.

The development of modern port in Ustka initiated works on the construction of breakwaters enclosing the mouth of Slupia conducted in the years 1818- 1820. Since 1831 the port of Ustka was subject to state administration, which oversaw its further development. In the years 1834-1863 600 000 marks have been spent on the development of the port. During the second phase of the project, in the years 1864-1903, the port was built in the shape we know today. Then started the systematic deepening of the harbor. Plans to build a new port located west of the mouth of the Slupia were thwarted by World War II. After 1945, there has been little development of the port. Only in 1961 the Minister of Shipping formally established port status of Ustka. Before the war at the port operated a small shipyard. In the 70s of the 20th century created a plan to build the shipyard to address the production of boats and fishing vessels. This plan, however, has been realized to a small extent. After the Polish accession to the European Union under the Operational Programme "Sustainable Development of Fisheries Sector and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007-2013" over 11 million PLN was spent on the renovation of the port. The work, which will be completed in 2012, cover the waterlines of Kolobrzeg, Slupsk and Lebork. Since 2003, in Ustka operates the largest in the Pomorskie voivodeship Fish Auction - Local Center of First Sale Fish.