The fishing harbours of Pomerania’s seaside towns  have already become ingrained in its landscape. Today, aside from continuing to fulfil their original functions, they are a true tourist attraction, drawing legions of tourists who want to experience their singular fishing atmosphere. The harbours enchant the visitor with their ambience, and the colourful fishing boats, combined with the nets left to dry out here, exude a fairy-tale aura. Such picturesque sights are not uncommon by our sea – it’s enough to pay a visit to a Kashubian village to feel and see them with your own eyes.

The fishing harbour in Władysłowowo

The harbour dates back to the 1930's, when it was the major fishing harbour on the open sea of Poland.

To this day it is the biggest fishing harbour in Poland. Since the 1990's it has largely been open to tourists. Everyone can see the numerous fishing boats moored here, the work of the fishermen and and specialised harbour equipment. Yachts and sailing ships also come here. Angling cruises on the Baltic Sea are becoming an increasingly-popular pastime - the harbour has many vessels that could take you on such outings.

The harbour in Władysławowo is one of the most popular and attractive strolling places in this part of Kashubia. The sea wall forms an extraordinary promenade and a perfect observation gallery overlooking the harbour, the Baltic, and the beach. The harbour also operates a small museum, which presents exhibits and photographs connected with its history. On the nearby hill stands the large Fisherman's House with a characteristic tower providing an observation point. The tower also features the original Butterfly Museum.