While it was not long ago that they used to lead ships safely to Pomeranian harbours, today they have become tourist attractions providing breathtaking views of the sea and the land. Built in the 19th and 20th Centuries, they stand now as picturesque monuments to the history of sea navigation.

The lighthouse in Sopot

The lighthouse in Sopot is a reconstructed chimney of the Balneology Institute with a automatic navigational light with a reach of 17 nautical miles.

The 30-metre tower was built in 1903-4 on the site of the old gas plant. The newly-built buildings performed medical functions until the end of the Second World War. It was then that the structure was transferred to the town and served as a public bathhouse. In the 1950s it was allotted for use by the rheumatology hospital and is one of its departments to this day. The smoky chimney was not incorporated into the unforgettable scenery of the health resort. The boiler-house was reconstructed, and since then has run on liquid fuel, while the unfortunate chimney was renovated and covered with a roof. Currently, the structure is not used as a lighthouse, but the name still remains.