Gothic, Baroque, half-timbered houses, built of wood, brick, or filled with clay or plastered – only Pomerania offers such a diversity of religious buildings. The rich interior decor, the wall paintings and incredible stained glass windows, give the finishing touch to the structures.

The St. James and Nicholas’ Church in Mechowo

Mechowo is a beautiful village picturesquely located on a gulch on the edge of the Darżlubie Forest. The earliest written records of the location mentioned as a village of knights sold to the Cistercians come from approximately 1300.

This was also the time when the parish was erected; a church was probably also under construction. The form of the church is visible among the trees on the hill in the centre of the village. The current one is from the year 1742. It was founded by the Abbott of the Oliwa Cistercians, Jacek Rybiński. It is half-timbered on a brick foundation, with one aisle. The Baroque furnishings are from the Cistercian donation. It has interesting woodcarving. The main altar hosts the painting of the Coronation of the Holiest Virgin Mary, associated with the influence of the great Pomeranian painter Herman Hann. The arc hosts the suspended 18th Century crucifix. The parish priest, Kashubian legate in the Prussian parliament and social activist Bolesław Witkowski tied his life to the church in Mechowo. He found fame as an exceptionally effective herbalist. He died in the nearby piaśnica forest in the fall of 1939.