Nature reserves, 127 in total, create a network extending nearly over the whole of Pomerania. Completely untamed and barely-touched ecosystems, peculiar types of fauna and flora, and elements of inanimate environment – all this forms the hallmark of our region and testifies to its uniqueness and alluring quality, particularly in terms of tourism.

The “Kąty Rybackie” reserve

The "Kąty Rybackie" reserve is located in the area of the Vistula Spit Landscape Park. Located between Kąty Rybackie and Sztutowo.

It is a bird nature reserve established in 1957 and covering an area of 4.13 ha, now extended to 102.5 ha. The reserve protects a cormorant and grey heron hatcheryt. It is currently inhabited by 35-40 thousand cormorants, being the largest cormorant colony in Poland and Europe.