Manor houses and palaces stand in the picturesque corners of Pomerania, by the seacoast, near lakes, on rivers, and in forests.

The Manor in Czartołomie


89-620 Czartołomie

The 18th Century Manor in Czartołomie has been in private hands since 1997. However, its owner has left the doors open, as she is operating a guesthouse inside.

The building has a great atmosphere, while the cuisine is guaranteed by the owner's membership of the international Slow Food organisation, which promotes traditional, local dishes and regional products.

The manor was once the property of the Kreisch family from Germany. It was reconstructed in the 19th Century, which provided it with a somewhat eclectic nature. A rocky tract leads to the manor through a brick and stone gate. It is surrounded by a park, home to several-hundred-year-old trees, which are natural monuments (beeches, silver maples, thuyas) and a pond. You can see cranes and storks on the fields behind the manor. The old ice house in the park is home to a cluster of bats (which are being studied by the scientists from Toruń University).

The old granary next to the manor will also be adapted for residential purposes. The manor and park are one of the favourite places of newlyweds for wedding pictures. The rooms still have the old furnaces; fragments of Prussian brick walls have been uncovered. The furnishings of the rooms are completed with stylised furniture, wooden floors and decorations.