Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot form a metropolis with plenty of attractions, not only for tourists who come here strictly for leisure, but also for those interested in exploring the local shopping centres. Nearly half a million sq. m – such is the trading area of Tri City’s shopping centres alone, the numerous small boutiques not included. This vast area holds a great variety of shops, service points, restaurants, entertainment facilities, etc. Surely everyone, even the most sophisticated customer will find something appealing. Shopping centres are open from morning to night, seven days a week, which makes their range of products and services available to all, even the busiest people, and also to those who visit Pomerania on weekends. After fruitful shopping, if you wish to take a pleasant rest or take advantage of biological renewal facilities, our region has just as much to offer!

Alfa Center


Ul. Kołobrzeska 41c

80-339 Gdańsk

Contact details:

Tel. 58 769 40 00

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 9.00-21.00

Sunday 10.00 -20.00

Public transport:


nr: 139, 149, 199


nr: 2,8,11


Station: Gdańsk Przymorze