Jugendherbergen sind besonders bei Jugendlichen und Studenten beliebt, wobei sie ihren Selbstbedienungsangebot an Individual- und Gruppenreisende richten.

The School Youth Hostel in Gdańsk

Kat. I


Ul. Grunwaldzka 244

80-266 Gdańsk


Tel. 58 520 68 51

The School Youth Hostel in Gdańsk is a facility providing accommodation services. It is located on Grunwaldzka Street, on the boundary between two Gdańsk districts, Wrzeszcz and Oliwa.

Due to the convenient location, it allows its guests quick and easy access to all parts of the Tri-City. The School Youth Hostel in Gdańsk is an all-year-round facility.

The hostel offers 210 accommodation places in the following types of rooms:

single room with bathroom - 1

double rooms with bathrooms - 15

double rooms with basins - 2

3-person room with basin - 1

4-person rooms with basins - 43

Shared bathrooms and toilets are in the halls.

The hostel is disabled-accessible. Moreover, there is a lift in the building. The facility also houses two conference rooms, self-service kitchens, clubrooms and an Internet cafe. Our guests can also use the free Wi-Fi.

We have a canteen for up to 100 guests, with delicious meals at reasonable prices. The area outside the facility includes a large car park, beach-ball and basketball pitches, and a place for a campfire.

The Hostel is the perfect place for a cheap and comfortable stay in the Tri-City. The accommodation price includes breakfast.