Die kulinarische Route "Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige" ist ein Angebot vor allem für Liebhaber von Kulinarien hoher Qualität, die die pommersche Region anzubieten hat. Diese Route bilden Restaurants, die nach Slow-Food-Kriterien kochen und eine kreative Küche auf Basis regionaler Produkte auf dem höchsten europäischen Niveau servieren. Koordinatorin des Projektes ist die Regionale Tourismusorganisation Pommern (Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna).

"Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige" lädt das ganze Jahr ein, den echten Geschmack der Region, tief in der Geschichte und den lokal spezifischen, regionalen Produkten verwurzelt, zu entdecken. Diese kulinarische Route umfasst Restaurants aus der ganzen Region Danziger Pommerns, da wo die Küchenchefs für unvergessliche Geschmackserlebnisse sorgen. Die kreative Kochkunst, die auf der Tradition und den regionalen Produkten aufbaut, sichert den Gästen besondere kulinarische Erlebnisse in den Restaurants auf der Route.

Auf der kulinarischen Route warten auf Sie nicht nur Restaurants, sondern auch vielfältige kulinarische Events, die an regionalen Spezialitäten orientiert sind und das kulinarische Angebot der pommerschen Region ergänzen. Bemerkenswert sind solche Veranstaltungen, wie: Nacht der Restaurants (Noc Restauracji), ein Slow Food Festival: Zoppoter Küche Inside (Sopot od kuchni), Spargelfest (Święto Szparagów), Danziger Biermarathon "Chmielaton", Moosbeere-Festival (Festiwal Żurawiny), Erdbeerernte (Truskawkobranie), Pommersche Martingans (Pomorska Gęsina na św. Marcina) oder auch Pomuchel Festival also anders gesagt: Ostseedorsch Festival (Festiwal Pomuchla).


Information zu den Restaurants und den kulinarischen Events auf der Route können Sie dem thematischen Blog entnehmen:


5. piętro Hotelu IBB Długi Targ


Ul. Długi Targ 14-16

80-803 Gdańsk


Tel. +48 58 717 87 00

Closer to town. A meal with a view  

5. piętro restaurant, located in the heart of Gdańsk, on the 5th floor of IBB Hotel Długi Targ, offers breakfast since very early in the morning. Aside from delicious breakfast, there is one other reason to visit the restaurant: you can witness Długi Targ street coming to life. Make sure to book a table by the window! 5. piętro serves meals from 7 a.m. , which is essential information for all the hungry early birds out there. It’s difficult to get anything decent to eat at this time of day in Gdańsk. The restaurant is open for both hotel and walk-in guests.

Breakfast at the restaurant on the 5th floor

“Our brekfast offer is something we’re particularly proud of, and something that makes us stand out. There’s no place for typical hotel monotony, almost each day we serve something new. Everything is delicious and healthy. Our guests really appreciate it” - says Joanna Dyczyńska, general manager of the hotel. Breakfast in 5. piętro offers a variety of fresh, home-made products: delicious pates, cold meats (including curry and honey turkey, pork loin in marjoram, or crispy roasted neck), various lard spreads, pickled cucumbers, and cheese from local suppliers. Those who like to start their day with a healthy breakfast have many delicious treats at their disposal: freshly squeezed juice, cocktails, smoothies, etc. And there’s also room for breakfast classics: scrambled eggs or omelet. Make sure to take a look into the “healthy fridge” , as head chef Grzegorz Wiciak calls it. He is a chef with 16 years of experience, who moved to Gdańsk from Poznań. The fridge is full of vitamin shots, which are a great way to start your day.

I reach the restaurant at noon, so breakfast time is already over. There are other delicacies waiting for me, though. Before the delicate, buttery challah and home-made pate with cranberries (incredible!) finds its way to my table, I have a moment to admire the morning sun rays making their way up the facades of town houses and the town hall’s clock tower. The view is incredible, but the wonderful aroma of the food brings me back to reality really quick. For main course, the head chef recommends duck confit with yeast dumpling, juniper demi-glace sauce, with red cabbage and roasted pear sauce. The meal is truly excellent, and the dumpling, just like a sponge, absorbs the delicious sauce, while the duck literally melts in your mouth. Serving cabbage in the form of a mousse is an interesting idea, and its texture perfectly completes the dish.

The entire menu is based on Polish cuisine, with a modern twist by the head chef. It’s fresh and seasonal. Says Grzegorz Wiciak: “When composing a menu, I try to stick to seasonality of products. I try to ensure we use products that are available longer than a month. We change the menu every three months. The new, spring menu will be available in April”.

In the menu, you will find meticulously prepared classics: traditional broth with home-made noodles, or red beet soup served with  home-made dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms. The head chef especially recommends beef roulade (zrazy) with potato pancakes, served with anise beetroot. The menu also includes fish, such as delicate trout fillet in wine and butter sauce, with courgette pancakes and green vegetables.

For dessert, I’m having pancakes with home-made plum jam. They are crispy and smell of cinnamon. If you love classic desserts, you can order home-made apple pie or vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries. I also try a combination of cheese and cold cuts platters, which are normally sold separately. Several kinds of cheese from local suppliers is the icing on today’s culinary cake.

What’s worth mentioning: Although it is a hotel restaurant, the offer of 5. piętro is far from the “sad” offer you'd normally find in hotel restaurants. Food is delicious, you can feel that it is prepared by a passionate team that carefully looks over each element of every course: from flavour of single ingredients, through composition of textures, to methods of serving. The second thing that makes this place stand out is its friendly prices. Usually, hotel restaurants are - bluntly put - expensive. 5. piętro, on the other hand, offers affordable pricing.

Says Joanna Deptuła, from 33indeed Agency, which supports both the hotel and restaurant: “5. piętro is a place that wants to be closer to hotel guests, as well as people of Tricity. Closer to the city itself, and closer to its events. The restaurant is casual, offers delicious food, opportunity to relax and not care about attire or the fact that a child has stained a napkin.”

I need to mention that 5. piętro is also worth visiting after dusk, when the warm lights of street lamps covers the city. Add a glass of delicious wine, a plate full of delicacies, and you get a perfect date scenario! So, if you're wondering where to enjoy delicious meal, I strongly recommend 5. piętro restaurant.

Foto: A.Włodarczyk