Nordic Walking is a sporting activity originating in Finland in the 1920’s. It is defined as walking with specially-designed poles. Currently, it is one of the most popular forms of physical activity. Nearly 90 per cent of our muscles are engaged in performing this activity.

     One of its primary benefits includes increased calorie burning, as compared to regular walking, so it is recommended to weight watchers. On top of that, Nordic Walking stimulates shoulder stamina and, even more importantly, reduces the strain on your spine and joints in your knees and hips.

     In the wake of its popularity, holiday resorts tend to broaden their holiday packages with Nordic Walking activities. New paths are also being trodden and marked for the fans of this form of physical activity.

     The Pomeranian centre of Nordic Walking is the Kartuzy District, where more than 190km of hiking trails have been signposted. Its diverse landscape and lodging and dining facilities, coupled with an array of attractions, all give this new tourist product the potential to emerge as the trademark of Kashubia. Another advantage to the benefit of Nordic Walking is its all-year-round accessibility, which gives it the edge of being available also in the Autumn and Winter periods. A total of 21 routes have been established, with varying levels of difficulty and length. The routes contain information boards with hypsometric charts. The staging areas for the demarcated trails are Żukowo, Polewo, Ostrzyce, Chmielno, Pomieczyno, Sierakowice, Kartuzy and Kościerzyna. Apart from these, several paths have been marked out and signposted in Wejherowo City and the whole commune.

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