Museum -  the Kashubian Ethnographic Park
Museum -  the Kashubian Ethnographic Park

Museum - the Kashubian Ethnographic Park


     Museum -  The Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnographic Park in  Wdzydze Kiszewskie is the oldest in Poland open air museum.

     In 2006, the museum celebrated its 100th anniversary. The open-air museum is situated on a very attractive area which combines landscape, educational and recreational values. The picturesque old buildings and pens  from Kashuby and  Kociewie regions are placed on a 22-acre area on the "Kashubian Sea" - a complex of  Wdzydzkie lakes. Each of the 50 historic buildings and groups of buildings presents a varied picture of life of rural residents  of villages from Pomorskie region from 18th  to 20th  century. Year-long program of events, with the most famous  fair of Wdzydze, is undoubtedly  an incentive for every tourist.


     Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie is annually visited by nearly 70,000 people, of which a large part are children and youth.


     With them in mind we have developed an attractive offer of demonstrations, workshops and museum lessons. Museum has a large open space (22 ha) of 50 monuments of folk architecture from Kashuby and Kociewie. With good marking of the route you can visit the Museum yourself, reaching the places where different types of classes are held  by an instructor:  turning pots, weaving selvedge on looms, making paper flowers, glass painting, embroidery, making folk and stylish Christmas decorations. To conduct workshops the museum provides historic interiors and exhibitions explaining and illustrating some objects, tools and materials  with which children can make their own works.


     In a genuine 19th century classroom museum offers classes to choose such as writing with quill pen, nib, lessons on how to sing "Kashubian Notes", a lesson on  Kashubian language and music workshops using traditional tools and instruments.


     During the tour of the Museum  we invite you to a free and interactive participation in the work of a blacksmith demonstrations and forestry worker, grinding snuff, washing and mangling, milling rye, which are held in cottages or  in workarounds.

    The yard of a large farm is devoted to children's fun and games animated by the guardian of the exhibition, he also gives stilts, rolling hoops, bows, slingshots, ropes and wooden colorful, patterned after the traditional toys.


     Lessons and workshops last up to 60 minutes - along with  a visit one should  spend about  3 hours. But one can stay longer if earlier  one will plan a meal at the inn or a picnic on  the grass.

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