Dinosaur Park "Leba Park"

Dinosaur Park "Leba Park"
Address: ul. Kolonijna 84-360 ŁebaContact details:

      LEBA PARK is the only one in Poland so powerful and large-area Dinosaur park.

     Beautifully situated in an area of nearly 20 hectares. Surrounded by forests, ponds, marshes and wildlife, numerous trails we get to know the different periods in the history of the Earth. While walking down the paths, bridges and footbridges through the reeds  we surrounded by about 100 reptiles, including two giants of Seismosaurus 45 meters tall and by the only one  in Poland Brachiosaurus with its height of 13 meters.


     Those who seek close contact with animals living at present we  invite  to a Mini Zoo where the smallest globetrotters can feed the goats, sheep, deer, deer, and many others, and ride ponies.


    For all children, we offer playgrounds and a cinema. We invite school students and organized tourist groups to experience educational trail presenting descriptions of reptiles, means of  their reproduction, nutrition, environment and a description of the era in which they were housed, the names of flora and fauna.

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